The Book of Ruth   (Winter 2014)

Left in dire circumstances with no one but a distressed mother-in-law to care for, Ruth must have pondered questions such as, "Is God in control when bad things happen? Is He still good when dreadful events occur?"

The true story of Ruth reveals the answers to these questions and much more. Come join us in this inductive Bible Study as we navigate through the Book of Ruth together and behold the sovereignty and goodness of God. 

February 5
Ruth 1:1-5
[ handout ]
February 12
Ruth 1:6-18 
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February 19
Ruth 1:19 - 2:18 
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March 5
Ruth 2:1-23 
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March 12
Ruth 3:1-18 
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March 19
Ruth 4:1-12 
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April 9
Ruth 4:13-22 
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April 16
Conclusion of Ruth 
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